Store Design + Site Criteria


Real estate criteria for your location is an extremely important component in the viability of your PR site. Important items to consider in reviewing sites include, but are not limited to:

• Good visibility from all angles
• Ease of ingress and egress – two entry and exit points are preferred
• Ability to make left-hand turns into and out of your site
• There should be no plans by government entities to alter traffic patterns in a manner that would have an adverse effect on your site
• Ample parking for your team and your guests

Square Footage

Retail, Sales, Consultation + Education/Event Space: 1000 sq. ft. or more is preferable

For the Store-Within-A-Store license, at lease 800 sq. ft. should be dedicated solely to The Print Refinery. If your total retail space is less than 2000 sq. ft., PR store design elements should be carried throughout the entirety (flooring, lighting, wall treatments, fixtures, furniture, etc.) for aesthetics.